Live Hippo Webcams

Here you can see Hippos on live webcams located at zoos and at times in their natural habitat at different locations around the world.

The Hippopotamus is native to Africa and despite it’s cute appearance, can be a dangerous animal in the wild.

Some of these Hippo cams have streaming video, and others are still image cams that update every few seconds.

The Toledo Zoo is home to the nation’s first hippoquarium and features two live streaming web cams where you can see hippos! This is the only hippo cam I’ve found so far. There is an underwater camera and a cam that shows the top view.

Watch the Underwater Hippo Cam
Watch the Top View Hippo Cam

Live Meerkat Webcams

Here you can watch live Meerkat webcams located at zoos and other locations around the world.

Sometimes, you might even be able to see Meerkats on cams in their natural habitat.

The Meerkat (Suricata suricatta) is native to Africa and are the cute little critters you may have seen standing up in large groups or on Animal Planet’s show Meerkat Manor.

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Live Giraffe Webcams

This page is the latest up to date list of live Giraffe webcams located at various zoos around the world.

Some of theses giraffe cams are also located in the wild in Africa!

Watch these beautiful animals in streaming video and regular still image cameras.  Some of them may also let you watch daily feedings if they are at a zoo.

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