Live Sea Lion Webcams

Live Sea Lion Webcams

Here you can watch Live Sea Lion Webcams located at zoos around the world as well as in their natural environment.

Chiswell Island Sea Lions

The Alaska Sealife Center presents this Stellar Sea Lion cam that streams live from Chiswell Island in the Gulf of Alaska.  To give everyone a chance to watch the sea lions, viewing time is limited to 100 simultaneous connections.  This cam is active from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Alaska Standard Time. Watch the Stellar Sea Lion Cam

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Live Whale Webcams

Go whale watching from the comfort of your home or office by taking a look at these live whale watching webcams. See humpback whales, blue whales, killer whales, beluga whales and more. These cams may be located in the natural habitat of the whale, aquariums or from whale watching excursion boats.

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Live Hippo Webcams

Here you can see Hippos on live webcams located at zoos and at times in their natural habitat at different locations around the world.

The Hippopotamus is native to Africa and despite it’s cute appearance, can be a dangerous animal in the wild.

Some of these Hippo cams have streaming video, and others are still image cams that update every few seconds.

The Toledo Zoo is home to the nation’s first hippoquarium and features two live streaming web cams where you can see hippos! This is the only hippo cam I’ve found so far. There is an underwater camera and a cam that shows the top view.

Watch the Underwater Hippo Cam
Watch the Top View Hippo Cam

Live Seal Webcams

Welcome to our collection of live seal webcams that we’ve discovered throughout the Internet.  Watch various types of seals in zoos and in their natural habitat in locations around the world.  Includes elephant seals, gray seals, harp, Antarctic fur, leopard, sea lions and more.

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