Live Home Aquarium Webcams

Here you can watch fresh and saltwater fish located at various aquariums around the world.  This will include hobby aquariums located at homes, offices and pet shops for the most part.  If you’re looking for huge sea creatures such as sharks, dolphins, etc. we’ll have a separate category called Aquarium Exhibits coming soon…

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Live Meerkat Webcams

Here you can watch live Meerkat webcams located at zoos and other locations around the world.

Sometimes, you might even be able to see Meerkats on cams in their natural habitat.

The Meerkat (Suricata suricatta) is native to Africa and are the cute little critters you may have seen standing up in large groups or on Animal Planet’s show Meerkat Manor.

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Live Bald Eagle Webcams

If you love Bald Eagles, you will love this collection of web cams that show you various bald eagle nests from many different natural outdoor habitats and zoos.  Typically you can watch nesting bald eagles and perhaps even get to watch eggs hatch in streaming video.  Here are some of the most popular ones in no particular order:

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Live Seal Webcams

Welcome to our collection of live seal webcams that we’ve discovered throughout the Internet.  Watch various types of seals in zoos and in their natural habitat in locations around the world.  Includes elephant seals, gray seals, harp, Antarctic fur, leopard, sea lions and more.

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